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My Second Novel Has Been Published

Post Date: July 2, 2024 by josiemounsey

Following on from my first novel, ‘The Weak Against the Strong,’ ‘I Must Remember’ continues the travails of Mitch Galichin as he flees from the vory-v-zakone after exposing a human trafficking ring in Leningrad. The story oscillates between the Canadian backdrop and the stark contrasts of Siberia and tackles a timely and important issue: the burgeoning worldwide crime of human trafficking for the sex industry. Rather than quoting impersonal cold statistics, through the fictional stories of victims and those seeking to bring traffickers to justice, readers feel a connection with the characters and greater awareness of the scope of the problem. The story balances gravity with moments of levity while delivering a potent social message.

While it follows Josie’s previous novel, the gripping narrative stands on its own as a suspenseful and emotionally charged drama.

***** REVIEW: S E COUNTER, United Kingdom (Amazon, 8 June, 2024): An excellent novel which moved me to tears. It is a compelling and gripping story which left me thinking about it long after I had finished it.

Paperback/Hardback: Available from Austin Macauley Publishers / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Foyles/ Waterstones / W H Smith. e-Book: Austin Macauley / Barnes & Noble.


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