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‘The Star,’ Alfriston, East Sussex.

Post Date: April 23, 2022 by josiemounsey

In March 2022, Joe and I escaped the ravages of the Canadian winter for the milder climes of the UK. Whilst there, we headed to the medieval village of Alfriston, which lies in the valley of the River Cuckmere. Of historical importance in the village is ‘The Star Inn,’ which was our home-away-from home for a few nights.

Built in 1345 as a religious hostel, ‘The Star’ has recently been extensively restored and refurbished by Olga Polizzi and her ‘Hotel Inspector’ daughter, Alex.
The decor is exquisite and there are many personal touches, such as books piled on a bedside table, walking maps of the area …
and Wellington boots, hats, and blankets, for outdoor adventures.
The cosy library where there is a hidden doorway into the dining room.
Newly refurbished patio.

The staff are excellent and have just the right level of friendliness to make guests enjoy everything this well-run and comfortable hotel has to offer. We will be back!

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