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Shiloh Run

Post Date: June 11, 2016 by josiemounsey

IMG_0034Shiloh Run.  The name invokes images of a skirmish between the US Cavalry and an Indian tribe across arid plains.  No thundering hoof beats and war cries at this Shiloh Run though, for this is the peaceful property, close to Owen Sound, Ontario, my husband and I owned for eleven years.  Sadly, two weeks ago we locked the door on the beautiful log home and handed the keys to the new owners.  As I drove down the laneway, I paused for a nostalgic look back at the sparkling waters of the landscaped pond, lilac trees in full bloom, and myriad blossoms bursting into bud in the flower beds.



Over the years there have been many happy times spent at the cottage.  Lots of hard work, too.

IMG_0053 IMG_0008

Visits from family and friends were the best – a plethora of happy memories of times spent relaxing in the gazebo listening to the splash of water from the fountains, the croak of frogs, while enjoying afternoon tea with home made cakes.

IMG_0023 IMG_0028



















Fall is a time for apple picking in the orchard and many hours spent in the kitchen turning the harvest into enough apple sauce to feed an army!


P1020730 P1020717










Then leaves turn from green to orange to brown, and every shade in between.













After the splendour of the Fall, wintry winds sweep in bringing with them snow and ice.  Brrrrrr …

IMG_0013 IMG_0004








Shiloh Run – so many happy memories.

2 responses to “Shiloh Run”

  1. Diane scott says:

    Dear Joe and Josie,
    So many wonderful times for you both and the family. Joe and I live at our cottage in New Hampshire so we get the appeal..time does march on and we both know that we probably can only manage another ten years or so with luck..at that before retreating to a no shoveling, no maintenance condo in the city…my hear goes out to you….enjoy the next chapter. It too will bring good things…Joe and diane scott

    • josiemounsey says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments. It was such a wrench for me leaving that beautiful place; not so much for Joe as he really isn’t a country person! We’re off to BC at the end of this week for a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. Can’t wait. Let us know whenever you are in Toronto, as we’d love to see you both again. Take care, Josie.

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